Albert Vrajolli

38: ING’s Agile Transformation with Albert Vrajolli

In this episode, Albert Vrajolli is visiting us, the topic is ING’s agile transformation. Listening to Albert sharing his experiences and thoughts from a transformation that involved the entire organization is truly inspiring. What was the goal, how did they do it, and what is important to remember? And how did they inspire everyone from the mortgage department to recruitment to IT to work with agile principles? Buckle up for a truly interesting and inspiring episode 🤩🧡

Some of the elements we discuss in this episode is: 

  • ING’s agile journey
  • Agile outside of IT 
  • One size fits all vs flexibility
  • Employees when scaling agile 
  • How to focus, prioritize and align the organization
  • What are the most important elements in agile way of working

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